CryptoTree is a blockchain game developed by FudeTree (Beijing) Clockchain Technology Co., Ltd. for the purpose of growing a CryptoAsset-CryptoTree. The total number of CryptoTrees is 600,000. As a non-homogeneous digital asset, CryptoTree is also a composite digital asset combining game assets, advertising assets and financial assets. The normally growing CryptoTree produces leaves and fruits every day. Its leaves are FF (game currency, TRC20 assets) and the fruits are DX (advertising assets, TRC20 assets). In addition to using within the CryptoTree ecology such as various game parts and playing methods, FF can also be converted into TRX. You need to view advertisings when harvesting DX, and advertising fees can be paid by TRX. 90% of the advertising fees will enter the bonus pool, and any 8 DX can be used to draw TRX. Therefore, FF and DX produced by CryptoTree are valuable. The output of FF and DX depends on CryptoTree’s Hashrate which can be improved through game. Hence, the biggest characteristic of CryptoTree lies in that its value is alive and capable of growing, so it is called value development. Just as trees in nature, trees grow up year after year and so are their values. The growth of trees in the nature require sunlight, air, water and nutrition. The value growth of CryptoTree requires time, labor, relation and luck. Regarding the existing blockchain pet development games such as CryptoKitties, CryptoDogs and CryptoRabbits, their performances can no longer be changed. The CryptoTree however has 6 sets of dominant genes and 4 sets of recessive genes. The performances of all genes can be constantly changed through pairing and mutation.

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