Frakt is a generative fractal art NFT collection. We harness the mathematical nature of fractals to generate intricate design patterns.

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Koala Intelligence Agency

Recruit a koala. Save the world.

The Colors

The Colors are a set of 4317 iconic shades generated and stored entirely on-chain to be used as a primitive and for color field vibes. ~ A Color is Fo

United Metaverse Nation

UMN is the first virtual nation in the Metaverse. Only 11,111 NFTs 3D Passports ever.

Galaxy Fight Club

NFT collection with a cross-brand, cross-platform PvP fighting game where players can use their avatars to battle, win, and earn ETH


4040 Claylings ran from the home of their sculptor, straight into the metaverse, far from reality. Will you catch one?

The Moon Boyz

11’111 unique collectibles Moon Boyz living on the Ethereum blockchain. All


World-renowned artisan from New Tokyo. Visit my shop, connect your Metamask wallet, and see what I have for you.

Bad Bunnies NFT

Only 5500 Bad Bunnies will be released from captivity.

Deep Space Explorer

Proof-of-work NFT Project

Impermanent Digital

Reminder: bere all mortal what’s more punk than killing your idols