Location : Gibraltar

Start : 14th Oct 2020 - End : 15th Oct 2020

Gibraltar has an amazing history of nurturing technological business concepts and seeing them flower into living, real operations.

The rise of the internet in the 1990s transformed the gaming industry. Gibraltar moved first by creating an eGaming ecosystem and now 60 percent of all eGaming transactions in Europe emanate from Gibraltar and 3,500 people are employed by Gibraltar’s eGaming industry.

As alternative payment methods developed outside of the traditional banking world but with the continued need for customer protection, Gibraltar created its own eMoney license which is now relied upon by many of the global leaders in the payments sector.

Most recently, Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) has promised to disrupt everything around us and Gibraltar’s DLT regulatory framework has firmly established it as the world’s premier DLT jurisdiction.

Gibraltar continues to innovate and to incubate turning ideas into real businesses. Join us at GibTech and become part of the conversation.


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