Location : LibertHUB 144 Viale Libertà 20900 Monza italy

Start : 25th Jan 2020 - End : 25th Jan 2020
  1. The best way to understand how the LSP methodology works is to experience it firsthand.
  2. We therefore propose an experiential workshop through which it will be possible to learn the dynamics and potential of the method, experiencing a real session.

We address both those who have no knowledge and are looking for a way to understand the real potential of the method, and those who already know the method but want to learn more about the technique or, simply, to compare themselves with other facilitators.

The objective of the workshop is mainly to know / deepen the method, but, being a real session, it will be possible, at the same time, to acquire greater self-awareness.

The session will last 4h in which, in addition to the introspective journey, information will be given that will allow participants to learn technical notions.

The LEGO® Serious Play® methodology is based on Piaget's constructivist theories and Papert's constructionist theories.

The hands are 70/80% connected to the brain cells and all their neuronal connections "know" many more things than we think we know.

When we use our hands in a learning process, a complicated process takes place which generates a powerful emotional charge.

We think with our hands to activate creative thinking, divergent thinking and therefore find solutions and stimuli that otherwise we would not have been able to discover.

The LEGO® Serious Play® methodology , based on the game, contributes to learning and understanding. By building and using metaphors, bricks can take on meanings and embody abstract concepts.


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