Location : Online Hackathon

Start : 05th Sep 2020 - End : 03rd Oct 2020

This event will now be 100% online and will be open to individuals across the globe. 

The aim reimagines the use and applications of blockchain for health and sanitary solutions in response to global challenges propagated by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The challenge categories include; 

  • Geolocation: How can we create a 'contact tracing' or 'social distancing' solution that can be quickly adopted?
  • Health Status: Apart from test results, governments have no way of verifying if a patient has had COVID-19 and is virus-free. Help us build a solution that can help governments quickly retrieve verifiable data.
  • Welfare: How do we improve the process flow between businesses and the government during a pandemic? Can we eliminate intermediaries to lower transaction costs, while providing transparency to beneficiaries of welfare programs?
  • Social Networking: To ensure everyone’s safety, we need to maintain physical distance; how can we use blockchain technology to navigate this change?
  • UI/UX & Data Analytics: There are many data representations of the current pandemic. How do we present a holistic multi-dimensional dashboard with unique features powered by blockchain technology?

The hackathon will take place from the 5th of September - 3rd October and participants will have the chance to win up to 3,00euros per challenge. 


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