Location : Prague, Czech Republic

Start : 23rd Sep 2020 - End : 24th Sep 2020

QuBit Conference is a Cybersecurity Community Event and offers its delegates as usual excellent speakers, leading edge topics, keynotes, case studies, panel discussions and popular networking events.

First day, September 22, will be dedicated to full day hands-on trainings focused on:

Security Operation Center led by Pavol Dovicovic, 

Threat Hunting led by Lukas Hlavicka

and SCADA – “Be prepared!” led by Tamas Buzgo.

September 23-24 are two full days, where conference is running in two parallel tracks. QuBit sessions are strictly educational, with no marketing presentation as QuBit listens to its audience and offer only quality and valuable presentations and partners who are helping to improve current state of environment.

Here is a little sneak peek from 2020 Agenda:

Opening Keynote (Jeffrey Jablonski, FBI)

CASE STUDY: Ransomware remediation (Ladislav Baco & Lukas Hlavicka, LIFARS)

EXECUTIVE DILEMMAS: Risk management & governance (Kritika Kotnala, CIA)

Why Cyber Risk Intelligence Matters (Mike Goedeker, Hakdefnet International)

CASE STUDY: How to negotiate with hackers? Emoji, WhatsApp and a little bit of flattery (Moty Cristal, NEST)

...explore more at this link.

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