Start :31st Dec 2019 - End :31st Dec 2019
  • Proof-of-Stake Sidechains

"The introduction of further consensus algorithms for Stratis Sidechains will grant even more bespoke use-cases on the Stratis Platform."

  • Stratis Core 2.0 Release

"Stratis Core 2.0 will incorporate new features that will enable interaction with other components within the Stratis ecosystem."

  • Stratis Payment Gateway

"Stratis will develop a Payment Gateway that can be deployed by third-parties to utilize the STRAT token as a form of payment."

  • Breeze Privacy Protocol

"The further development of the Breeze Privacy Protocol will include a new version of the Breeze Wallet with enhanced security."

  • Stratis STO Platform

"Extend the functionality of the Stratis ICO Platform to cater for the regulatory requirements needed to conduct a security token offering."

  • Java + JavaScript Support

"Introducing support of new programming languages inherently increases the audience that the Stratis Platform appeals to."

  • Unity SDK Integration

"Stratis will provide an SDK for Unity developers, enabling the utilization of the Blockchain during game development."

  • Stratis Mobile Wallet

"A mobile application that caters for the sending and receiving of the Stratis Token will be delivered for both Android and iOS."


Stratis is a platform for C# blockchain applications built on the .Net framework. Also, the platform uses a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism and focusses on the enterprise market.


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