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Beat the bet with the right guess! The match between Mumbai Indians and Delhi Capitals will start in no time soon.

Enjoy predicting scores while watching the match?

So, why not just speculate over how many runs Mumbai Indians will score in their batting to win a stupefying reward in return for the fortuitous bet you make.

The offer of predicting for free without any investments is enticing, isn’t it?

Eagerly waiting to know whether your predictions turn in your favor, share your vision of how much you think Mumbai Indians will manage to score, and in case your guess is spot on, brag about it to the people you know with a swag!

Don't miss out on the chance of winning out of the blue with your projection.

Predict the total runs Mumbai Indians will make in MI vs Delhi match On 11th Oct 2:00 PM UTC and win $100 as Rewards.

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USER NAME Predict Run
Abhishek 250
SwarajKumar 222
ankur 218
boby 205
Aamir 204
Manali 201
Roberts 199
Nischay 198
sujit 195
Nilesh 194
Bablu 190
Prahlad 188
Ankit 187
Ajay 184
Neeraj 181
ravi 180
Brijesh 180
William 175
Nischay 170
Manish 167 Winner
Suraj 157
Bablu 125
david 12