The world's first Shariah-based Bismillahcoin is now live. BisMillahCoin (BMC) is the world's first Sharia-compliant utility token, serving needs and providing solutions to at least 1.8 billion Muslims, utilizes the latest technology that promotes efficiency and accountability. BisMillahCoin will be built on the Ethereum blockchain platform using its smart contract technology. Anyone can buy BMC token with Bitcoin. Shariah-obedience is important to Muslims and to anyone who does it Business in the Islamic world. BisMillahCoin is a complete Shariah follower. The product is designed to follow three basic criteria for trading Islamic meaning: 1) there is no interest in issuance BisMillahCoin; 2) profit-loss sharing rewards are part of the project, and 3) have minimal imagination. The Islamic law forbidding interest was, however, not primarily based on economic theory divine sheer authority, which considers the interest charge as an act of wrongdoing. Early Muslim scholars regarded money as a medium of exchange, a standard of value and A unit of account, however, rejects its functionality as a quality store

Mohammad Shahzada Salim Mia
CEO,Founder & Blockchain Specialist
Prof. Dr. Emdadul Haquee
Co-Founder & Software Engineer
Aimal Abbas
Marketing Manager (Blockchain and Android developer)
Mohammad Shahjahan Gazi
Manager & ERC_20 blockchain specialist
Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman
Coordinator (Software Engineer)
Token : Bismillahcoin
Platform : Ethereum
Type : Utility
Price in ICO : 1 Bismillahcoin = 0.00002 BTC
Country : Malaysia
Whitelist/KYC : None
Restricted areas : No
Accepting : BTC

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