Blockstack is a new internet for decentralized apps where users own their data

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Blockstack???s mission is to foster an open and decentralized Internet that establishes and protects privacy, security and freedom for all internet users.
Blockstack is a full-stack decentralized computing network that enables a new generation of applications where developers and users can interact fairly and securely. Blockstack???s core protocols and developer tools enable a fair and open Internet that returns digital rights to developers and consumers. Led by some of the world???s foremost experts on distributed systems, Blockstack allows users to own their own data that they can take with them from app to app in the ecosystem, along with their Blockstack ID that eliminates the need for password-based logins. The end result is privacy, security, and freedom.


2018 Q1

Held Blockstack Berlin, with Edward Snowden as the keynote speaker.
Released Multiplayer Storage, a major upgrade to the Gaia storage network.
Announced the $1M request for social networks program.
Deployed Signature fund capital to app development teams.

2018 Q2

Released the Stacks blockchain testnet.
Announced the $50,000 Universal Wallet Bounty in partnership with ShapeShift.
Launched App.co, the Universal Store for decentralized applications.
Released the developer Alpha of Blockstack iOS and Android SDKs.
Released a new mobile-friendly onboarding flow for mobile and desktop apps.

2018 Q3

Released the Stacks wallet and security reviews of the Stacks blockchain.
Released upgraded authentication & on-boarding for Blockstack apps.
Held decentralizing the World Tour announced with 31 global meetups.
Launched of developer documentation portal: docs.blockstack.org.

2018 Q4

Launched the Stacks Blockchain v1, distributed tokens, and sent first Stacks transaction.
Achieved Milestone 1 and unlocked $25M in capital.
Released new Stacks Explorer and Wallet.
Published smart contracting language spec as a Stacks Improvement Proposal (SIP-002) and started Rust implementation.
Released support for custom Gaia hub configuration during user onboarding
Launched App Mining pilot in December with 38 registered apps.
Prof. JP Singh joins the Board of Blockstack PBC.

2019 Q1

Release of prototype virtual machine (VM) for Stacks smart contracting language.
Release of new consensus algorithm for Stacks blockchain v2 (SIP-001).
Release of Radiks which provides data indexing on top of Gaia.
Addition of cross-app data sharing Collections functionality to Gaia.
Feb App Mining results included 57 user-ready apps.
TryMyUI added as App Reviewer to App Mining.

2019 Q2

Release of testnet for Stacks blockchain v2.
Release of simplified auth flow and profile management.
Form dedicated QA team, automated testing, pre-release process for core libraries.
Release of Stacks blockchain and (new) Blockstack architecture papers.
Release of in-depth report on the future of Stacks token economics.

2019 Q3???Q4

Hardfork to new consensus algorithm: Simple client verification, higher throughput, and smart contracts.
Release ability to create app-specific economies through app tokens.
Launch of fully-featured smart contracting support in the Stacks blockchain, allowing for financial services functionality in apps.
Launch of full-featured App Mining after Pilot and Beta periods.
Launch ability to publish apps via Blockstack Naming System vs. DNS.
Launch of iOS and Android apps for Blockstack authentication.
Host Blockstack Summit 2019, the annual flagship event.


Launch of full-scale Stacks mining.
Launch of App Mining registration and voting directly on Stacks blockchain.
Launch of community elections for App Mining App Reviewers.
Release of Gaia storage upgrade, making Gaia more decentralized and censorship-resistant.
Release of anonymous analytics API to report on app usage, growth, and retention.
Release of core consumer utility apps for Blockstack ID such as ID management, address book, and file explorer.



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