The Clarity project vision
People believe that all businesses are successful

Entrepreneurs and small business owners start their own companies because they think they have a great idea. They want more money, time and freedom. Sadly, the opposite is the reality. They are working harder and longer for smaller returns and they earn less now than when they were employed. 60%fail within 5 years and only 1 in 10 last more than 10 years.

95% of all businesses in the world are small. If successful, they would contribute towards employment, wealth generation and the wider community. Small business owners are the backbone of the global economy and their success is vital to our success.
We want to give every small business owner around the world clarity so they can create a better business for themselves, a better life for their family and team, and ultimately contribute towards creating a better world.

For small business
We want Clarity to be the one-stop shop for business owners worldwide, putting them in control of their data. An all-encompassing platform that helps them understand their numbers, how to do better and where they rank with their competitors. Core features also include file sharing, easy access to funding and third party verification using the blockchain. It will also contain details on insurance, finance, human resources and standard operating procedures. To achieve this goal, we have decided to partner with industry leading companies.

For accountants and advisors
As compliance becomes commoditised, it’s advise or die for accounting firms! Accountants are suffering many of the same problems as small business owners; competition, downward pressure on pricing, staffing and technological and regulatory updates. Making added value and proactivity a reality, our platform will act as an aggregator combining many existing apps in one place with blockchain being the differentiator. We will provide accountants with a scalable business advisory solution that enables many of their team to deliver outstanding service, replace lost compliance revenue and the opportunity to become a true trusted advisor or the firm of the future.

For institutional investors
Institutional investors who would normally shy away from small cap investments, will have access to early stage businesses. Thanks to our platform they will be able to see a fully populated data room, all powered by blockchain. This will lead to incredibly low due diligence fees when investing in our platform’s top performers. So all in all, investors will benefit from more accurate, up-to-date and reliable data, resulting in less risky and more profitable investment decisions.

Lewis Buckley
Christopher Griffin
Legal Advisor
Michael Miglio
Legal Advisor
Wayne Schmidt
Paul Dunn
Steve Pipe
Paul Shrimpling
Amy Hayes
Token : CLRTY
Platform : Ethereum
Type : Utility
Price in ICO : 1 CLRTY = 1 ETH
Bounty : Available
Tokens for sale : 120,000,000
Minimum investment : 0.1 ETH
Country : UK
Whitelist/KYC : KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas : China, South Korea
Accepting : ETH, LTC, BTC, BCH
Soft Cap : 4,000 ETH
Hard Cap : 104,000 ETH
Distributed in ICO : 75%

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