Founded in 2017 by serial tech entrepreneur Matt Hawkins, Cudo’s highly experienced team of entrepreneurs, engineers, data scientists and strategists, are joined by world class advisors including the Ex-President of Sony Playstation, Chris Deering and the Director of Blockchain at AMD, Jörg Roskowetz with the mission to:

‘Make Better Use of the World’s Computing Power.’

Cudo is already generating revenue with users in over 145 countries. This network, comprising of tens of thousands of blockchainers, gamers and service providers, will become early providers to cloud consumers globally. The CUDOS network links the blockchain world to the extensive Cudo platform through a smart contract governed layer 2 oracle, reducing the cost and increasing the performance for DeFi and other popular blockchain use cases.

Matt Hawkins
CEO & Founder
Peter Willis
Development Manager
Richard Poole
Lead Developer / Architect
Dr Joan Garcia Tomo
Data Scientist
Dexter Edwards
Lead Software Engineer
Sean Berry
Hardware Architect
Victor Leach
Software Engineer
Joe White
Senior Software Engineer
Chris Saganic
Lead Software Engineer
Maryam Olusola-Sowoolu
Product Manager
Pedro Luz
Software Engineer
George Lezeu
Junior Frontend Developer
Sonja Greenfield
Executive Assistant
Dominic Burns
Project Manager
Neethu Stephen
Finance (Part time)
Pete Hill
Vice President of Sales
Nuno Pereira
Vice President of Partnerships
Christopher Grubb
Financial Director
Mia Whitewood
Senior Business Development Enterprise
Ashley Smith
Client Journey Advocate
Flavius Berciu
Client Journey Advocate
Arthur Verrept
Software Engineer
Chris Weyell
Marketing Manager
Jeffrey Elliott
Community Manager
James Dickie
Graphic Designer
Chris Deering
Former president of Sony Computer
Jorg Roskowetz
Director of Blockchain for AMD
Sean Li
Co-Founder & CEO, Fortmatic
Chris Gale
Co-Founder, Verasity
Malcom Tuck
Managing Director, Eset UK
Maggie Fang
Founder & CEO, Wynsun Capital Management
Jay Coshan
Founder & CEO, Unique Block Group
Duncan Cook
Founder, 3 Sided Cube
Philip Forte
Blockventure Coalition
Tyler Wellener
Blockventure Coalition Partner
James Morgan
Co-Founder of Blockrocket
Craig Fletcher
Venture Partner at Ascension
Token : CUDOS
Type : ERC20
Tokens for sale : 722000000

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