DexAge: The Multi-tier Decentralized Trading Ecosystem.

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DexAge is a Decentralized Exchange platform, enabling P2P crypto to crypto exchange, crypto-fiat trading, P2P lending and chat on DAPP, using a user-centric approach where the whole platform would be driven by social web.

Our Vision

To create a trustless, permissionless P2P crypto exchange and trading platform that is autonomously driven by a synergetic web of traders, users and investors.


The blockchain driven decentralized exchange platform of DexAge enables its users to carry out P2p crypto to crypto exchange, P2P crypto-fiat trading and P2P lending in a robust ecosystem that is highly resistant to hacking.


The crypto-trading infrastructure at DexAge is an autonomous, self-sustainable system fuelled by the social connections between the traders and investors who use our platform. The lack of a single authority who controls the whole system hands over all the power to the stakeholders of DexAge, making them the prime force influencing our growth and development.

Social web driven

The innovative business model of DexAge will capitalise on the power of the people. The DXG platform along with the Dapp will not just allow our traders, users and investors to trade and lend crypto-assets but will enable them to communicate and share their ideas and knowledge while interacting with one another through meetups and by chats on Dapp.

Trustless system

The P2P crypto transactions at the DXG platform, be it for trading or lending, would be coordinated by decentralized escrow services providing secure smart contracts.


Proof of Stake(POS) is a more environmentally safe means of sustaining the emerging blockchain economy than Proof of Work(POW). Instead of expending so much electrical power as in proof of work, Dexage ecosystem will operate on a POSbased blockchain. In POS, block validators will be rewarded with transaction fees generated within the Dexage ecosystem as they validate transactions. A precursor to this shall be introduced within Dexage ecosystem, even as it runs on this present Ethereum Blockchain.

Voting and community participation

For the evolution of DexAge into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), our users will be able to vote via smart contracts. An implementation of this scheme will be demonstrated during the coin listing process which can be decided by community voting and/ or premium listing


Token : DXG
Launch Pad : LATOKEN
Accepting : ETH

Project Team :

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