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The world has become and entered into an age where human resources move and cooperate with each other across the world due to the remarkable evolution of transportation methods, improvement of communication infrastructure, and human resources through exchanged policies and treaties. Immigrants in OECD countries have exceeded at a pace of 4 million per year and has been steadily increasing in recent years. 

With this increase in global flows, international remittance volume across countries are increasing year by year, and is expected to reach 667 billion USD in 2019. The economic zone of citizens living an international life is expanding, but on the other hand, the financial platforms including existing banking network is not yet addressed to the active international exchanges of living and investment funds. The current situation is that we have not yet caught up in terms of speed, cost, and customer support.

Digital Wallet Group has already established a fintech based mobile wallet service in Japan that supports the life of International Citizens. But to further expand the service in each country, users can easily invest using crypto currency. We would like to provide such financial services that can be done. We hereby propose to you the Digital Wallet Project. 

Digital Wallet was set up in 2014 by the founder who had engaged for many years at Sony to develop and operate Mobile Payments, electronic money, contactless IC technology, and cloud technology. The team is composed and consists with professional members with backgrounds in global banking, financial technology engineering, user experience designing, and etc.

The Digital Wallet group has succeeded in building such services and is monetizing the business effectively. Furthermore, we are scheduling to make this a widely used infrastructure in each country. We also plan to develop a sustainable social infrastructure to not only contribute, but to continuously improve in the value of crypto currency.

We strive to make crypto currency a more universal and continuous financial platform through Digital Wallet Project.


Token : DWC
Launch Pad : Exmarkets
Platform : Ethereum
Type : Utility
PreICO price : 0.1000 USD
Price in ICO : 1 DWC = 0.1 USD
Tokens for sale : 500,000,000
Country : Japan
Accepting : ETH
Soft Cap : 10,000,000 USD
Distributed in ICO : 50%

Project Team :

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