Pay, Protect and Collect with ECOMI

Start : TBA - End : TBA


ECOMI is bringing 4 products to market, with two hardware devices and 3 apps:

Secure Wallet (completed)- At the size and thickness of a credit card, this true cold storage wallet is never wired to an online device, and can store private keys for 20+ currencies, NFT's and DApps.

ECOMI Collect (see https://www.ecomicollect.com/)- The MVP of the ECOMI ecosystem, a platform to bring licensed and recognisable digital collectibles to the mainstream.

ECOMI One- an all in one payment card solution, combining secure cold storage with everyday convenience. Can store 20+ crypto's, fiat, and any NFC enabled card e.g. loyalty cards, existing credit/debit cards

ECOMI Vault- a SAAS solution combining decentralised storage with cryptographically protected access for all your sensitive data + information


Q1 2017

Conceptualisation of ECOMI.

Q2 2017

Market research and planning; Corporate Structuring; Information Memorandum.

Q3 2017

Key manufacturing relationships; Company Scalability Framework; Production Agreement Signed; Seed funding round opens.


White Paper commencement; FMA Application; Advisor and Board requirements; ECOMI One R&D Commencement.

Q1 2018

Seed funding round closes; Smart Wallet product completed; ECOMI Token Private Sale; White Paper completed; ECOMI Collect 3 x license secured.

Q2 2018

Share acquisition of manufacturer; Token Crowdsale Conclusion; ECOMI team expansion; ECOMI Collect scope completion; ECOMI App scope completion; ECOMI Vault scope completion; ECOMI One scope completion; Secure Wallet Updated App release.

Q3 2018

Secure Wallet TGE reward dispatchment; ECOMI One R&D Completion; Secure Wallet 10 more currencies; ECOMI App v1 release; ECOMI Collect MVP; ECOMI Collect 6 x licenses secured; Exchange Listing.

Q4 2018

ECOMI One physical prototype; Secure Wallet 10 more currencies; ECOMI Vault MVP; ECOMI Collect beta release; Secure Wallet Wholesale distribution; Exchange Listings; ECOMI Collect AR release.

Q1 2019

ECOMI Collect public release; Secure Wallet - 10 more currencies; ECOMI App v2 release; ECOMI Collect 10 x licenses secured.

Q2 2019

ECOMI One public launch; ECOMI Vault public release; ECOMI Collect public release; Exchange Listings.

Q3 2019

ECOMI Collect Gaming MVP; ECOMI Collect 15 x licenses secured; ECOMI One Wholesale distribution; Secure Wallet - 10 more currencies.

Q4 2019

ECOMI Collect Gaming release; Secure Wallet - 10 more currencies; Exchange Listings.


Token : OMI
Launch Pad : Bitforex Launchpad
Platform : Ethereum
Type : Utility
Price in ICO : 1 OMI = 0.05 USD
Bonus : Available
Bounty : Available
Tokens for sale : 500,000,000
MVP/Prototype : Available
Minimum investment : 2,500 OMI
Country : Singapore
Whitelist/KYC : KYC & Whitelist
Accepting : ETH, Fiat
Soft Cap : 5,750,000 USD
Hard Cap : 22,125,000 USD
Distributed in ICO : 50%

Project Team :

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