Fashion Coin Proof-Of-Love Campaign

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Fashion Coin (FSHN) is a Generation Z native cryptocurrency. A purely peer-2-peer version of electronic cash, Fashion Coin provides seamless and effortless online payments - with maximum speed and limitless scale. Fashion Coin is based upon our own open blockchain platform CO:IN - CO-Creative Innovation Network.

CO:IN uses Proof-of-Love hybrid algorithm with the principle of the seamless connection of:

  • cryptographic consensus by validator-entrepreneurs
  • value creation (and coin emission) by the end user
  • the entrepreneurial approach of creative destruction to launch new on-chain projects without technical knowledge and with using a decentralized network of Crypto Names
  • steganographic protection of privacy in addition to cryptographic

All the Fashion Coin end-users will have their unique Crypto Names, which is an innovative hybrid technology based on a seamless mix of cryptography and steganography. Crypto Name allows hundreds of millions of users to get a unique, easy-understandable for people and attractive name on the CO:IN blockchain (with further anchoring in the Bitcoin blockchain). Crypto Name also provides the user with a seamless connection to other DLT-based networks, online payments on third-party services.

Immediately after Initial Exchange Offering:

  • you can pay with Fashion Coin for services and goods available for FSHN in 20 countries
  • 20,000 payment terminals provide FSHN
  • OTC exchange fiat-FSHN / FSHN-fiat is available
  • launch Fashion Wallet DApp
  • launch Proof-of-Love DApp
  • more than 300 brands accepting FSHN


Token : FSHN
Launch Pad : LATOKEN
Price in ICO : 1 FSHN = 0.00000310 ETH
Accepting : ETH

Project Team :

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