Gains Associates

We are a group of friends who are passionate about new technologies. We took an early interest in Bitcoin and started investing in ICOs in late 2017.

At the time, the ICO market was in a frenzy. Public sales were often oversubscribed and people were competing for small investing spots. Therefore, pools emerged. They were groups of retail investors grouping their contributions to be able to negotiate better terms. However, it was very risky because most pool admins were anonymous which meant they could easily disappear with people’s hard earned money.

This is why we decided to create our own community. To be fully transparent, we shared our social media profiles and showed our faces on video. Nowadays, we are humbled to have a vibrant community of supporters, and that is just the beginning!

Our Vision
In the history of how we exchange value, we have only had 3 major changes: barter, money and finally digital cash. We see crypto as a revolution of the same magnitude. It appears as the best bet to become the foundation for a new financial paradigm that promotes fairness and trust.

Blockchain and crypto will bring more transparency, traceability, security, and offer seamless, free and instant transactions. However, it can be hard to navigate this new ecosystem alone. Thus, finding help and guidance in a great community is crucial.

We want people to find a reliable and exciting place where they can actively learn, have fun and benefit from the best opportunities. This is why we created GAINS and this is what we are fighting for everyday.

Our Values

Skin In The Game
We invest in all the deals we offer. We perform extensive research by studying materials and gathering inputs from our community and network of very well connected people. We directly talk to the executive team of the project and figure out what they are made of.

Long Term Vision
Most people dream of getting rich fast. Contrarily, we are patient and have a long-term vision. We constantly improve by learning while staying independent and open-minded.
"Successful investing is getting others to agree with you… later." - James Grant

Connecting with people is at the heart of human nature and is necessary for one’s well being. We share knowledge, discuss ideas and challenge opinions to grow together.
Nothing of significance was ever achieved by an individual acting alone.

Role of Token: UTILITY

Alexandre Raffin
CEO and Co-Founder
Lotfi Zouad
COO and Co-Founder
Ayeley Commodore Mensah
VP of Business Development
Eric Gbekor
Software Engineer
Vlerant Saiti
Software Engineer
Ebenezer Addo Tenkorang
Digital Marketer
Henry Barzin
Event Manager
Zoran Kole
Joel Kovshoff
Jonathan Faye
Dennis IJlst
Strategic Advisor
Token : GAINS
Type : ERC20
Price in ICO : 1 GAINS = 0.05 USD
Tokens for sale : 100,000,000

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