What is HiveNet

HiveNet is a Distributed Cloud Computing Network, which connects 
computers all around the world to perform valuable computing tasks. 
Can you imagine your computer earning money while you sleep? 
HiveNet turns your computer’s idle times into an income! 
During these times your computer’s power is securely rented out to paying customers who perform their calculations (e.g. scientific research, weather forecast, big data analysis).

Benefits of HiveNet

  • Computer Owners:-How many hours per day are you actually using your computer? 
    Just imagine your computer earning you some profit during the rest of the day. HiveNet makes it possible by securely delivering valuable computing tasks of paying customers to your computer. 
    All you need is a computer with an internet connection.
  • Customers:-iveNet is much cheaper than traditional cloud computing. How? Because many important cost levers that apply to traditional providers (e.g. Amazon Web Services) don’t apply for HiveNet, because it utilizes idle times of already available computers. So, there is no need to invest into new computers, housing and many other operational costs
  • Crypto Traders:-HiveNet has its own inherent cryptocurrency: the HiveCoin. HiveCoins are used to pay for computing power within the HiveNet. Hereby an ongoing demand for HiveCoins is ensured and will create one of the few cryptocurrencies with a real, fundamental value, which provides excellent short- and long-term opportunities for traders.
  • Nature:-HiveNet increases the usage of available computers. Thereby less resources are consumed to build new computers and less electronic garbage is created. 
    Also, the HiveNet Blockchain is using a highly economic Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism, which is much more resource saving than most available blockchains.

Dr. Maximilian Pinker
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Andreas Bogner
Head of Technology
Qiao Pinker
Head of Finance
Evelyn Gu
Senior Marketing Manager
Debasis Ratha
Senior Software Engineer
Manish Chibba
Senior Software Engineer
James Lee
Software Engineer
Tatiana Tsutsor
Communication Specialist
Thomas Wunder
Communication Specialist
George Qiao
Multimedia Expert
Dr. Matthias Besch
Senior Advisor
Sebastian Daschner
Senior Advisor
Dr. Matthias Besch
Senior Advisor
Sebastian Daschner
Senior Advisor
Token : HNT
Platform : Ethereum
Type : Utility
Price in ICO : 0.08 USD
Country : Germany
Whitelist/KYC : Whitelist
Restricted areas : Afghanistan, China, Crimea Peninsula, Cuba, Eritrea, Gaza Strip, India, Iran, Iraq, Kosovo, Lebanon, Libya, Myanmar (Burma), North Korea, Palestine, Somalia, South Korea, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, United States of America (accredited investors are permit
Accepting : ETH, USD, EUR
Soft Cap : 3,400,000 USD
Hard Cap : 19,000,000 USD

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