We are entering a new era of civilization. The brilliant future we have envisioned through decades past is becoming reality at last.

With Blockchain technology rapidly advancing into all segments of our society and leading the revolution towards real freedom and new economic and social systems, we are doing our part to put this freedom and possibility into the hands of entrepreneurs, workers, artists, scientists, engineers - people.
Extraordinary solutions are going to be needed to change our world for the better, many of them. Thankfully, there are plenty of bright minds with ground-breaking ideas, there are enough talented, skillful people who can translate those ideas from fiction to reality, and there are many successful business leaders looking for these amazing projects to support with their funds.  
What we don’t have is a platform that will utilize the power of Blockchain technology to bring them all together and let them focus on their part of creating the New World we deserve to live in.
This is what we are building. This is Ideaology - the great digital business playground of the future.

We saw an opportunity to make the perfect launchpad powered by Blockchain, thus creating a productive environment to grow important ideas, help talented people find employment, let investors have a great overview of projects to back, and all these participants will embody a beautiful, free and efficient Ideaology community of visionaries.
This future is bright. The future is Ideaology, and Ideaology is the future.

Khaled Alkalbani
Founder & CEO
Amar Kovacevic
Zied Chaabane
MENA Region Manager
Don Johnson Adona
Senior Copywriter
Danilo Polovina
Marketing Assistant
Matija Minovi?
Brand and Design Specialist
Md Zil
Community Happiness Specialist
Sabir Arora
Tech Lead
Vijay Vyas
Software Engineer/Architect
Justin Bevan
Full Stack Developer
Scrum Master
Chirag Panchal
UI/UX Specialist
Carlos Molina
Social Media Manager
Sean Brizendine
Public Relation Advisor
Thomas Contin
Legal Advisor
Marco Sala
Legal Advisor
Nikita Sachdev
Sheraz Ahmed
Strategic Advisor
Token : IDEA
Type : ERC20
Price in ICO : 1 IDEA = 0.09 USD
Tokens for sale : 118800000

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