A Revolutionary Token Offering Platform

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The Levolution platform is an innovative solution intended to attack various barriers and current shortcomings inherent in utility token offerings. We believe that utility token offerings, when they fit well into a certain project???s objective, present an incredible fundraising vehicle that has the ability to break down the often insurmountable fundraising wall preventing entrepreneurs from launching their projects. However, the mechanism is still out of reach for those who are not well versed in the world of cryptocurrency and token offerings.

The Levolution platform will help those hoping to harness the value of token offerings, regardless of experience, to create, develop, market, launch, and optimize their project.

We realize that the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, derailing even successful ITOs. Levolution wants to help entrepreneurs combat this problem by providing a variety of services, both during and after the ITO that will help projects to not only sell tokens but to become a thriving business after the fact.

The Levolution platform aims to safeguard against fraudsters, criminals, and unscrupulous projects. In order to be featured on the Levolution platform, projects will be required to meet our internal know your customer (???KYC???), anti-money laundering (???AML???) and due diligence process, including providing a legal opinion regarding token utility. The Levolution platform wants to feature the very best projects, making Levolution the premier ITO platform for both creators and contributors.



December 2018

Private Sale

Q4 2018

Create Levolution Platform Concept
Create Levolution Platform Architecture
Concept Gathering with Advisory Team
Launch Levolution Platform Blog

January 2019


Q1 2019

Issue ERC20 tokens to ITO participants
List Levolution Token at Crypto Exchanges
Start Levolution Platform Development
Feedback Gathering for Platform Optimization

Q2 2019

Exclusive Access to Levolution Platform Preview
Feedback Gathering for Platform Optimization
Offering Levolution Advisory Services
First Service Partner Announcements

Q3 2019

Announce First Listed Campaigns
Launch of Android App
Launch of iOS App
Launch Levolution Platform BETA

Q4 2019

Launch Levolution Platform
Launch Complementary Service Provider Marketplace
Launch Web Based Wallet
Launch Platform API BETA
Integrate Custodial Services
Integrate Post ITO Services

Q1 2020

1st Levolution Keynote
Announce Exclusive Campaign Listings

Q2 2020

First Finished Campaign Offering
Launch of B2B Platform API

Q3 2020

2nd Levolution Keynote

Q4 2020

Reach 60% Market Share
Support All Major Currencies


Token : LEVL
Launch Pad : Coineal Launchpad
Platform : Ethereum
Type : Utility
Price in ICO : 1 LEVL = 0.002 ETH
Bounty : Available
Tokens for sale : 225,000,000
Country : Cayman Islands
Whitelist/KYC : KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas : USA, China, Cayman Islands
Accepting : ETH, BTC, Fiat
Soft Cap : 14,000 ETH
Hard Cap : 465,000 ETH
Distributed in ICO : 45%

Project Team :

Social media sites:


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