Start : 20th Aug 2019 - End : 20th Sep 2019

A service for creating a wedding site where newlyweds can make a list of guests, send invitations online, tell about the place of the celebration, give a route and much more. Also create or order the creation of beautiful invitation cards.

Here, the newlyweds can choose a restaurant, musicians, host, florists and many other masters needed to create an unforgettable holiday. All masters will be with reviews and ratings.

An online store of wedding goods. Newlyweds can also create a list of necessary gifts and notify guests about this.

Transport booking service for honeymooners and guests. With ratings, reviews.

Newlyweds will be able to order their wedding tour directly on the site using their own convenient, modern service.



Token : LIST
Platform : Ethereum
Price in ICO : 1 list = 0.0002 eth
Tokens for sale : 2,200,000
Country : Russia
Restricted areas : No
Accepting : ETH
Soft Cap : 100 000$

Project Team :

Artur gornikov
Artur gornikov


Viktor Eremin
Viktor Eremin

CEO, Full Stack Developer

Vasily Makarov
Vasily Makarov

Fronted Developer, Designer

Vitaly bezgin
Vitaly bezgin

Beckend developer

Advisors :

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