MECA Casino MVP Demo (VER 1.0)

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MECA Coin(MCA) is the utility coin of MECA Casino, an ICON blockchain based online gambling platform. Focusing on transparency and entertainment, this decentralized casino is a high-quality gaming environment with provable results via the blockchain.

A major strength of the MECA Casino platform is in its integration of players as nodes on the network. We don???t look at players as simply passive participants but rather potential business partners. The value of each player-owned casino will be determined by the full user capacity. This will determine a basic asset price to define the casino???s valuation. Casinos can be purchased as an asset and owned by players. Owners will then gain the status of ???Master,??? which will allow them to collect fees from games played within their casino. Fees will be distributed to Masters with a portion being utilized to ensure stability and maintenance of the overall system.


  • High quality gambling games and sports betting on a decentralized casino platform
  • Fair games from Blockchain and RNG
  • Fully legal global business


Token : MECA
Launch Pad : LATOKEN
Accepting : ETH

Project Team :

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