Personal Wager

The eSports trade is growing like no trade within the past or gift. most are jumping on the bandwagon, together with highprofile investors like Mark Cuban, can Smith and choreographer Kutcher; highvisibility corporations like Burger King, Red Bull, and others; established realworld sports groups currently own their own eSports franchises; and even the Olympiad can introduce eSports in 2024. PersonalWager is positioned to capture an outsized a part of the niche P2P (Player to Player) wagering market. in contrast to traditional ICO’s wherever the capitalist receives a sometimes illiquid and frequently tinpot “coin” that can not be sold , PersonalWager coins ar the currency of the system, and every one coins distributed within the ICO+ may be sold into the market at once.

Brian R. Niessen
Chief Executive Officer
Christopher Webster
Chief Operating Officer
John Krejci
Client Services Manager
Gian Perroni
COO at Stealth R&D LLC
Rob Stewart
Event Marketing at Personal Wager
Tony Kazyumba
frica Partner Relationships
Jan Nemec
Technical Director at Thales
Jaroslav Resovsky
Mike Wright
Business Development and Entrepreneur
Benjamin L Jordan
CEO and innovator
Token : P WON
Platform : Ethereum
Type : Utility
PreICO price : 1 P WON = 0.05 USD
Price in ICO : 1 P WON = 0.1 USD
Minimum investment : 25 USD
Country : Caribbean Netherlands
Whitelist/KYC : None
Restricted areas : No US Participants
Accepting : BTC, ETH, USD
Soft Cap : 2,500,000 USD
Hard Cap : 25,000,000 USD

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