Decentralized Financial Technology

Start : 21st Jul 2019 - End : 15th Nov 2019

Decentralized FinTech ! 
Integration of Financial Markets ! 
Direct Market Access ! 
Token Offering is Live ! 

Tokens are locked until end of the offering. 

Investments will be refunded if soft cape is not completed. 

Pollen Institute provides direct market access with the Lotus Token and builds decentralized financial instruments. Pollen is a financial institution that provides profitable, risk-free opportunities and easy access to international financial markets for investors. In the crypto market where there are problems such as liquidity, risk, and reliable market information, Pollen provides confidence to its investors in with the high return - short duration financial instruments.

Pollen is an institution that aims to improve financial technology, reduce the investment risks of blockchain investors, develop financial technology and provide value to its investors by carrying the money circulating in the international markets to Lotus by using risk-free inancial instruments which are highly profitable in international markets with hedge mechanism. In doing so, it provides userfriendly, flexible and gamified products for the investors to abolish
the financial system's complexity.

As a result, Pollen Institute provides the correct information by protecting investors from market speculation and manipulations while financial uncertainty arising from lack of information in the market and taking necessary steps to ensure the development of financial instruments and products to protect the value of investments made in this high risk market.


Token : LTS
Platform : Ethereum
Type : Utility
Price in ICO : 1 LTS = 0.0002 ETH
MVP/Prototype : Available
Country : Turkey
Whitelist/KYC : None
Accepting : ETH
Soft Cap : 3,000 ETH
Hard Cap : 20,000 ETH
Distributed in ICO : 100%

Project Team :

Michael Halligan
Michael Halligan

Blockchain Developer

Ugur Arici
Ugur Arici

Digital Product Manager

Giray Eser
Giray Eser

Corporate Communication Specialist

Mehmet Can Öztürk
Mehmet Can Öztürk

Marketing Specialist

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