Quotes Excenbit

Excenbit Quotas is the token representing excenbit's shares. The profits are distributed to holders of that token.

The platform definition comes from a flat, higher surface. This also applies to our system, the exchange platform will serve as the basis for running all services that will be available. Our project will be divided into 2 major steps: 1- Exchange platform and 2-trading tools platform. 

3.1 Exchange Platform

 On the Exchange platform users must register to be able to deposit, withdraw and trade between cryptocurrencies, the excencode promo code may be used to be free of purchase or sale fees. In this case there will only be fees for withdrawals.

3.2 Trading Tools Platform 

With the base of exchange ready and working, we will develop so important trading tools that will make our difference in the market, some of them are: Leasing, Robots Trade, Automatic and user programmable trading, follow the steps of other traders, MirrorTrade , scores and awards for experienced traders, network marketing and many others still in the process of study. In the Trading tools platform the tools will only be available to users with excencode. This module will be part of the same system as the Exchange platform, and will be a different menu extension to access all the tools. 

Davi Mafra
CEO - Project Creator
Bruno Martins
Marketing Manager
Nicolas Mafra
Web Development
Isabela Andrade das Neves
Administrative Manager
Joao Paulo Mafra
Systems Consultant
Token : QEXB
Platform : Waves
Price in ICO : $1.00
Soft Cap : $5,000.00
Hard Cap : $50,000

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