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About Teco

Our pluses for investors:

- All tokens receive dividends at 30% of net profit.

- Bonus tokens are subject to redemption. Those are redeemed in the amount of 20% of net profit. The price of the purchase of such tokens increases annually by 20% of the nominal value.

- Repurchased bonus tokens are transferred to the management team.

- Dividends are not accrued on the transferred tokens. The management may acquire 10% percent of all tokens issued.

- If investors do not make an offer for bonus tokens reimbursement in full, the remainder of the amount set for redemption is used to pay dividends.

Well, the buying our,s tokens, you gets the right to a share of the profits in a real sector economy.


??  30.11.2018 - Pre-order equipment 

??  03.12.2018 - Pre-ICO 

??  01.02.2019 - Launching ICO 

??  01.06.2019 - Construction Start 

??  30.09.2019 - Connection to communications 

??  08.10.2019 - Installation of equipment 

??  27.11.2019 - Start of production 

??  28.11.2019 - Listing Tokens on Exchanges 

??  25.12.2019 - Getting the first profit 

??  02.02.2020 - Buyback redemption


Token : TECO

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