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TRON GAME GLOBAL PAY is a project that is currently laying the groundwork for Internet decentralization. The TRON GAME GLOBAL protocol is one of the world's largest block-based decentralized operating system.

We are reinventing the way global
transactions take place on the blockchain.
This is a safe, smart and easy-to-use
platform that breaks down the restrictions
of online gaming

Game Global is a multi-platform that co-exists and apply Blockchain and artificial intelli- gence (AI) technologies with excellent technologies and features developed by a leading expert team located in England

Tron Game Global creates a closed ecosystem, a comprehensive transaction platform that helps the community develop strongly about finance and promises to become a leading technology brand in the world

This is a multi-channel social network integrated directly in exchanging and connecting users together for interaction, including fast support group connecting extremely quickly to help you solve problem. You can also exchange resources like transfer of money, loans and encrypted assets with just a few clicks


Token : GTP
Launch Pad : Latoken , Coineal
Platform : Tron
Type : Utility
Price in ICO : 1 GTP = 5 TRX
Tokens for sale : (60%)
Minimum investment : 100 USD
Accepting : BTC, ETH, TRX
Hard Cap : 60,000,000 USD

Project Team :

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