Connecting the dots of urban mobility.

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VMC is a blockchain based open mobility platform, developed to host various mobility service providers into a single digital space. The company is building a one-stop shop decentralized solution for a trillion dollar mobility market, which enables developers and mobility service providers to build dApps that offer services for ride/vehicle sharing, public transport and more.

VMC.AI removes fragmentation and clutter from the mobility industry by integrating the services of multiple mobility companies, streamlining administration, automatizing management and giving easy access to all stakeholders. 

VMC.AI's solutions help to: 
Build smart cities to battle traffic congestion,
Improve the efficiency of the transport systems, 
Improve the planning of routes,
Enable mobility provider to improve interoperability with simple integrations and efficient payment solutions, 
Help travellers with a seamless experience, private by design, using one APP for multiple mobility providers.


Token : VMC

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