Voucher VCO
Start : 13th Dec 2018 - End : 07th Jul 2019

VOU CRM - our team present the first cloud-based CRM system on the blockchain, integrated with the new cryptocurrency Voucher Coin (VCO). This combination allows you to guarantee the maximum protection of your information about the interaction with customers, and also opens up new opportunities for secure payment and mining. We took into account the most important trends in business development, so we are already integrating into our CRM-system AI for maximum automation where it is needed.


Token : VCO
Platform : Bitcoin
Type : Blockchain
PreICO price : 1VCO=0.25$
Price in ICO : 1VCO=0.35$
Tokens for sale : 50000000
Minimum investment : 10USD
Whitelist/KYC : None
Soft Cap : 330000
Hard Cap : 1312000

Project Team :

Alexander Kovriga
Alexander Kovriga

Vadim Sukhorukov
Vadim Sukhorukov

Advisors :

Alexander Lyashenko
Alexander Lyashenko

Vadim Kovalchuk
Vadim Kovalchuk

Social media sites:


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