• Start: 27th Nov 2019
  • End: 10th Jan 2020
  • Website: weidex.market
  • Whitepaper:
  • ICO links:  

w?iD?x is an ?xchang? mark?t that do?s not n??d to r?ly on a third partys?rvic? to hold th? custom?r's ass?ts. Inst?ad, th? trad?s occur dir?ctly b?tw??n us?rs (p??r to p??r) through an automat?d proc?ss call?d smart contract.w?iD?x is a fully f?atur?d d?c?ntraliz?d ?xchang? (D?X). It guarant??s th? high?st possibl? s?curity, full transpar?ncy and op?n sourc? logic.

Th? main id?a b?hind th? d?c?ntraliz?d ?xchang? is th? r?moval of th? third party.

  • Low Operational Cost.
  • weiDex is cost effective and minimizestime wastage.
  • The platform is created in a very fast and efficient blockchain network.
  • You will only be charged little or no amount thereby making you deploy a payment service of your own.

Cross Chain Transactions

  • Team will create one big ecosystem in which users can trade currencies in a decentralized way. Without any third parties.
  • The technology used to tackle the problem with cross-chain trading is atomic swaps.

Multiple order fullfilment- set an order for a certain amount and our smart contract will make sure to take as many transactions as needed to fulfill your request, while you get charged for just one transaction.

Tito Titov
CEO & Co-founder
Krasimir Raykov
CTO & Co-founder
Rali Ralev
Pavel Angelov
Senior Developer
Stiliyan Dimov
Blockchain Expert
Yordan Titov
Frontend Developer
Petko Pavlovski
Frontend Developer
Polina Keremidchieva
Marketing Lead
Georgi Doychev
Marketing Strategist
Stavri Georgiev
Kalin Iliev
Ahmad Dewanto
Bounty Manager
Temelko Dechev
Business Advisor
Svetlin Nakov
Christo Peev
Tech Advisor
Ivo Georgiev
Tech Advisor
Milen Radkov
Tech Advisor
Petar Kiryakov
Legal Advisor
Verginia Kasheva
Marketing Advisor
Veselin Georgiev
Sales Advisor
Token : WDX
Platform : Ethereum
Type : Utility
Price in ICO : 1 WDX = 0.55 USD
Tokens for sale : 30,000,000
MVP/Prototype : Available
Country : Bulgaria
Whitelist/KYC : KYC
Accepting : ETH, BTC
Soft Cap : 1,500,000 USD
Hard Cap : 12,500,000 USD
Distributed in ICO : 60%

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