Start : Oct 14, 2021End : Oct 21, 2021


Biconomy. Build Better.We are solving for the makers and players of WEB 3.0. Our mission is to simplify the future of transactions, ensuring that decentralisation is truly accessible to all.That’s why ease and accessibility is imperative to our innovations and solutions. We solve for developers, with the end user centric to our building.Powering The Devs That Pioneer Web 3.0Today, Biconomy seeks to accelerate web3.0 adoption by making all its components more composable, interoperable & usable.Tomorrow, Biconomy is the foundation of how transactions and chain interaction take place seamlessly, frictionless and buttery smooth.The Future is now. The Future is Biconomy.Biconomy In Numbers3.6+ Million transactions.35+ live mainnet integrations.30+ K daily avg transactions.We are building for transactions and interactions on web 3.0 to be:InteroperableOur multi-chain relayers, enables the flow of funds between different chains & layers in a quick and seamless manner. The end-user enjoys an integrated interoperable experience.ComposableOur APIs & SDKs are designed to be integrated easily on any dapp for any specific usecase. Now better UX & simplified transactions is as simple as adding a lego piece.UsableOur core mission is to handle all complexities on behalf of the user to make web3.0 more usable for mainstream adoption.The Biconomy ValuesThe foundation of our team and the ways that we solve are based upon these crucial values.AccessibilityAccessibility is paramount to us. We believe in building an accessible web and our own work culture, where ideas, people and discussions are accessible to all.SimplicitySimplicity is the foundation of how we interact and create. Our default is to make simplify and make things readily understandable.OwnershipOwnership for us is being beyond responsive, actively seeking ways to innovate and further create easier experiences for all.IntegrityIntegrity in the way in which we deal with each other, those in the ecosystem andThe Brains Behind BiconomyBiconomy wasn’t built in a day. Neither would we say our team is a rigid fixed team, we are different coders, crypto-enthusiasts, creatives, designers and all of us are buidlers that are pushing forward the revolution.Our advisors, community and users are crucial parts of our ecosystem and making it as responsive, efficient and damn right epic as possible!Here is a medley of makers that power Biconomy to power you! Think of our team as the fuel pumpers, to your supercharged car.


Sachin Tomar
Ahmed Al-Balaghi
Aniket Jindal
Divya Nailwal DEV
UI/UX Designer & QA Engineer
Bhagyashree Srivastava
Culture Enabler
Nikhita Kale
Lead QA
Zain Awan
Head of Brand and Comms
Chirag Titiya
Blockchain Engineer
Lovejeet Singh
Making Web3.0 Accessible
Azaan Sayed
Head Of Design
Aditya Khanduri
Head Of Marketing
Yashasvi Chaudhary
Full Stack Blockchain Developer
Rohan Garg
Business & Growth
Keshav Mundhra


Token BICO
Type ERC20
Price in ICO 1 BICO = 0.25 USD
tokens for sale 1,000,000,000

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