Start : May 16, 2021End : Jun 6, 2021


GOLD FINCH CRYPTO CURRENCY (GFCC) is a cutting edge block chain Project, with the aim to develop a revolutionary decentralized platform for trading gold and other precious metals and for receiving gold and precious metals markets information. The Project will also indirectly invest in gold mining operations in Estonia in order to provide the users of the decentralized platform with the right to buy the gold mined in Estonia. Moreover, Gold Finch Crypto Currency (GFCC) Project provides its ICO contributors with a unique opportunity to participate in a project. in which both crypto and real world assets are linked with digital tokens (Gold Finch Crypto Currency), with the additional right to purchase a pre-defined amount of physical gold. The initial amount of gold that can be purchased with each token, during every stage of the Project realization, except post-lCO stages, remains constant and equals to 0.002 grams. Yet, the price of the token differs at each stage of the Project Maturity from US$0.10 to up to 2.47 dollars. After launching the gold mining operation in Estonia which is one of the eventual purposes of this ICO Project's part realization, the mined gold will start to be ready to be purchased by token holders, as soon as their initial obligation of 0.002 grams per token is met. The right for each token to buy gold on the decentralized platform will not be restricted to 0.002 grams but will increase by 0.003 (approximately) grams in the weight of gold per each token for every quarter going forward, based on the distribution from the mined gold. Such proposition allows GFCC tokens purchasers.


Token GFCC
Price in ICO $0.10
tokens for sale 10.00M

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