Start : 11th Mar 2020 - End : 26th Mar 2020

The beats project combines music with the cryptocurrency world. It lets you pay for your music anywhere any time with low fees. Just create an account on beats website and join the new world technology. Beats offer free and personalized music as well as thousands of free music and information podcasts in free streaming, including original and unpublished episodes. Do not hesitate any longer, discover all the features that follow...


1. Listen to podcasts and free music

2. Launch the song, music album or playlist of your choice in random mode

3. Discover songs through beats playlists or custom recommendations, to suit every moment.

4. Create and share a playlist, to gather all your current songs Rap, rock, new French scene... All musical styles are there, to create the atmosphere (free!) of your choice. To sleep, run or be zen.

Beats Features

1. Listen to the songs of your choice, at any time: you can download songs or podcasts to listen to them offline (and without commercials!)

2. Enjoy incredible audio quality. Rap, as well as rock, are back in the spotlight with a good bass: rediscover your favorite song!

3. Without advertising listen to music without interruption, for an ultimate musical and zen experience

4. Possibility to cancel the subscription at any time: the offer is without obligation

5. Low fees when you pay with the beats token. 


Token : BTS
Platform : ERC20
Price in ICO : 0.091 USD
Bonus : 10%
Tokens for sale : 15 000 000
Minimum investment : 2000

Project Team:

Michael Bishops
Michael Bishops


Youghorta Bob
Youghorta Bob


Zo Biker
Zo Biker


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