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Start : 21st Aug 2019 - End : 22nd Aug 2019

Collectible cars as an asset class have significantly outperformed many traditional indices such as the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones over the past 15 years. However, this investment opportunity has only been available to a small group of elite investors due to the following barriers of entry to the market:
truly rare cars are sold through narrow, elite networks
such vehicles often cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, which means that the minimum stake is very high
expertise is required to store and maintain the vehicles
specialist knowledge is needed to verify the provenance of the vehicles
the purchase, insurance and sale of the vehicles involves a lot of administration and paperwork

In combination, these factors have made this asset class even more exclusive than hedge funds, venture capital or private equity funds.

CurioInvest???s mission is to make it possible for everyone to invest in rare collectable vehicles. Based in Switzerland and Lichtenstein, CurioInvest is launching an online platform powered by blockchain technology which enables investors to purchase security tokens directly backed by limited edition collectable cars. These tokens allow investors to share in the profit if the value of the underlying vehicle increases.


Token : CURIO
Launch Pad : Probit Launchpad
Platform : Ethereum
Type : Utility
Price in ICO : 1.0000 USD
Country : Liechtenstein
Accepting : ETH, BTC, Fiat
Soft Cap : 300,000 USD
Hard Cap : 2,000,000 USD

Project Team:

Fernando  Verboonen
Fernando Verboonen

Business Lead

Valerie  Halter
Valerie Halter

Investor Relations Lead

Vladimir  Sushkov
Vladimir Sushkov

Development Leader

Johan  Boissard
Johan Boissard


Harald  Steger
Harald Steger

Quilvest Family Office Executive

Antoine  Verdon
Antoine Verdon


Boris  Paskalev
Boris Paskalev

CEO Deep Code AI Smart Contract Audit

Georg  Hauer
Georg Hauer

N26 Mobile Bank Executive

Frank  Rickert
Frank Rickert

CEO Mechatronik, Leading collection car garage

Thomas  Geissmann
Thomas Geissmann


Evgeny  Plaksen
Evgeny Plaksen



Jean-Luc  Bussy
Jean-Luc Bussy


Dr. Tom  Frey
Dr. Tom Frey

Legal Advisor

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