Fiducia Network is a network of decentralized oracle data blockchain. Fiducia ties blockchain to real-world data sources and confidently provides access to mission-critical data to blockchain developers.

Fiducia Network is a distributed network of data oracle nodes providing off-chain data to blockchain applications. Fiducia node acts as a proxy server at its core. The Fiducia node software takes user request, retrieves data off blockchain, and generate an intermediate response. In order to ensure data veracity, security, and confidentiality, a peer-to-peer network consensus mechanism is applied to process and generate a final response to the requesting party. The Fiducia node software operates within industry-standard secure computing environment to ensure that data are not tampered by the node operator. Fiducia Network operates as a peer-to-peer network with nodes participating and leaving the network in a permission-less fashion. In order for the network to function effectively and efficiently, node operators are incentivized to participate by fees made by the requesting party. Data source providers may make data available through well-known API endpoints. The node software may access data through well-known API endpoints. Alternatively, data providers may operate the node software and participate in the Fiducia Network directly. Data requesting party, blockchain application (Dapp) developers, may utilize data provided by the node software by including Fiducia Data Provision SDK in the blockchain Dapps.

Steve Chen
Roy wei
Software Engineer
Zhixian Yan, PhD
Token : FDO
Platform : Ethereum
Price in ICO : $?0.01
Bonus : Up to 20%
Hard Cap : $2.50M
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