• Start: 30th Apr 2020
  • End: 14th Sep 2020
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Brands and businesses open an account and fund it with YOUcash tokens. Once logged into the platform, they can use the power of the YOUengine to target over 4 billion users globally. Whether they want to reach 10 people down the street or 10 million people around the world the YOUengine delivers real-time targeting and ad delivery for industry leading ROI. Plus, it can execute exciting ‘airdrops’ for instant merchandize or token drops that can be geo-fenced and delivered via the YOUgo mobile game. Users download the YOUapp, create an account, go through a registration process that includes proof of identity and up to 400 fields of opt-in profile data, for example, date of birth, relationship status, location, profession, affinities and preferences like luxury cars, sports, films, fashion, foods, and more. The users are incentivized with three levels of data entry. The more data they enter, the more money they make per view. Finally, users get their fair share and get paid for their data with every ad they watch. YOUapp Introducing the breakthrough mobile app where users watch ads and make money, and so much more. YOUapp has four interfaces in one amazing app. YOUwatch Today, social networks, search engines and data companies collect your data and resell it to advertisers and make billions, while you get nothing. YOUwatch is a tokenized video player where you watch ads and make money. After each video completion the user gets instant YOUcash tokens which can be converted to any fiat currency via the YOUwallet. A real-time tally of tokens is kept in a pop-up window on the upper right of the screen so you know exactly how much money you are making with every video you view. YOUsocial Introducing YOUsocial an expansion of the YOUniverse set to arrive in Phase II of development. YOUsocial will live on the YOUapp with a simple swipe right. Imagine getting paid to interact on a social app because all your data allows advertisers, brands and businesses to reach you with the most engaging content that you’ll want to see. YOUgo Imagine a mobile game where you travel between the real world and the virtual world with Augmented Reality (AR). Introducing the YOUgo mobile game for iPhone and Android devices. With YOUgo, you`ll discover prizes, rewards and ultra valuable YOUcash tokens, all of which we call YOUmons. Introducing the YOUgo mobile game for iPhone and Android devices. With YOUgo, you`ll discover prizes, rewards and ultra valuable YOUcash tokens, all of which we call YOUmons. The YOUgo game gives users the chance to explore real locations and search far and wide for big, big money. REAL MONEY. YOUwallet YOUwallet is a crypto currency wallet and so much more. First, it stores the tokens collected for watching ads and is connected to an exchange that allows the user to change tokens to any fiat currency effortlessly. Secondly, it allows the user to transfer the funds or tokens to friends, family or anyone with a valid email address. And finally it can store and trade crypto collectibles that can be captured in the YOUgo game.

Michael Munzing
Ismet Khayali
Andrew Ponomarev
Alex Lagutin
Mobile Developer
Ali Asanov
Gleb Sinani
Maxim Yelisyeyev
Refat Ametov
Victoria Zhadko
Token : YOUC
Platform : Etherum
Price in ICO : USD $ 0.10
Tokens for sale : 9.0910%
Soft Cap : 20.000.000 USD
Hard Cap : 50.000.000 USD
Event's Calendar
Blockchain Expo Global 2020
Token 2049
AIBC Summit Europe
Blockchain Expo Europe 2020
Blockchain Expo Europe 2021
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