No matter Initial coin offering has gained much popularity in being the strategy for raising funds. But it is not the only technique that remains.

There are two other methods. One such is IEO. It is also called Initial Exchange Offering. This method is carried by cryptocurrency exchanges and other platforms. Here cryptocurrency projects directly fall to investors. The strategy of fundraising is done by crypto trading platforms for the new businesses (startups). The entrepreneurs of startups have to pay a fee for listening to the crypto exchange platform. It is especially at the time of organizing token sales decided by projects. One must understand that crypto tokens are not made to be offered in public in the case of an Initial exchange offering strategy.

The event of IEO can only be attended by the users of the exchange platform. Just like ICO, one can explore the ongoing IEO listing by signing up on the Cryptoknowmics site. It is the leading crypto site that scrolls down updates on upcoming initial exchange offerings. If any updates of past IEOs are missed, then not to worry, we at Cryptoknomics will help in getting them viewed on this site.

Hence, one can stay abreast with upcoming IEOs and even know about the future of IEOs on Cryptoknowmics.

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