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To create a secure, transparent and fair peer to peer digital asset marketplace for creators, collectors and investors. Users will be able to upload their digital assets such as art, animation, music videos and music files. Quencies are paving a fairer way for sellers to sell their assets. We will aim to be the preferred supplier of all digital assets (NFTs) for all the stakeholders around the world. Quencies will also offer licensed rare collectible assets (RCA) of celebrities from around the world.IMPORTANT: By investing in this business you agree to our Disclaimer. All information including our rating, is provided merely for informational purposes. CryptoTotem does not provide investment advice.

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While ICOs have lost much of their appeal in recent years, IEOs have become a preferred way for raising funds. The greater degree of due diligence that’s carried out in IEOs makes them a clear favorite for investors. So, if you are amongst those who like to keep an eye out on potential IEO blockchain projects, Cryptoknopwmics can help you with that. Just stay tuned to our platform, and you will get a list of all upcoming and ongoing IEO projects.


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