Type : Full Time

Location : 40 Islington High Street, London, UK

Company Name : Tracr

Skills : Analytics - Data Engineer

Salary : Negotiable

Tracr™ is rapidly expanding, and we are looking for an excellent Data Engineer to join our team, and to join us in our growth, and success. You will be working alongside our core team of Data Scientists and Software Engineers in a brand new office in London in one of the most exciting global blockchain companies.

What You’ll Be Doing

· Productionise data science capabilities for high scalability, fault tolerance, and fault resilience

· Collaborate with data scientists, and other engineers in designing, developing, and deploying a robust data platform for seamless, and collaborative experimentation

· Interface with product managers, data scientists, and other engineers to understand, and translate between real world problems, and possible solutions

· Take shared ownership in maintaining high code quality standards through active code reviews, pair programming, and proactive refactoring

· Build data expertise, and own data quality

·Share operational responsibility for services developed, and owned by your team

What We Need

· Strong experience writing high-quality Python 3 with static typing (mypy)

· Strong knowledge of database structures, theories, principles, and practices

· Familiarity with modern data science, and machine learning tooling / platforms

· Strong background in applying software / data architecture patterns for data-intensive applications

· Demonstrable experience in building end-to-end real-time, and/or offline data science solutions, e.g. workflows / pipelines

· Flexibility in balancing technical, research, and product / business requirements

· Knowledge, and care in good engineering practices including infrastructure-as-code (IaaS), logging / instrumentation, testing, version control (VCS), continuous integration (CI), and continuous deployment (CD)

· Knowledge of distributed systems, and databases is highly desirable

· Generalist, independent thinker, willing to engage, challenge, and learn

· Full-time commitment, working in London, UK

What We Desire

We are not looking exclusively for someone with the perfect experience, values, and culture fit. We are instead looking for someone who can enrich our existing values, and culture.

· Invent Together - Tracr is an inventive environment to build your professional future. Industry scale transformation requires collaborative invention in order to create state of the art digital platforms. We value co-creation as we build together for the future of the industry.

· Teach What You Learn - Tracr is a fast paced learning environment. By teaching what you’ve learned and replicating your knowledge, proves your capabilities. You also free yourselves to develop additional valuable skills, and apply them.

· Own Your Role - Having responsibility with the authority to decide how to achieve your goals allows you to exercise your creativity. Tracr values those who make proactive decisions on how best to achieve their goals and hold themselves accountable along the way.

· Prioritise Vigilantly - Busy? It’s not a question we care to ask. The focus is on understanding  the short and long term priorities and adapting them to a dynamic landscape. With this focus on achieving our vision we can work as a team to realise it.

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