Type : Full Time

Location : Moscow, Russia

Company Name : Latoken

  • LATOKEN is a top 30 digital assets exchange (according to Coinmarketcap) and a leader in tokenization.

We’re looking for Node.js Developer to expand our 70+ international team.


  • Develop core back-end services and components for the trading platform (CRM, Payments, Trading systems and Mobile app)
  • Develop API integrations, client-server architecture, security systems and trading accounting
  • Maintain scalable high load modules/micro-services architecture
  • Technical ownership for one of the products, Agile framework


  • 2+ years in Node.js
  • Performance culture: passionate to create world changing solutions, take responsibility, prioritize, encourage team to do the best
  • Good to know most of these: Nginx, HAProxy, Sequelize 3/4, Express.js, Babel, Knex.js, MySQL/PostgreSQL/Oracle/MongoDB: nested queries left/right/inner joins, optimization of queries, indexes, Redis, RabbitMQ/ZeroMQ/other AMQP, Highload experience/understanding: race conditions, transactions, locks/atomics, patterns, anti-patterns, principles of applications development, one of C++ or C# or Go is a plus, ECMAScript (generators, async/await, etc), ?losures, prototype chains, optimizations, Debug (WebKit Inspector, Node-Inspector), Basic frontend skills: HTML5, CSS3, CSS, small experience of builders - one of Gulp/Grunt/Webpack/Babel/HMR/CRA

Why join

  • Be a part of the team transforming the financial system
  • Competitive salary and exceptional bonuses
  • Rapid growth and trainee program (option to try multiple roles to grow as the T person)
  • Top 30 exchange, leading in security tokens
  • International team (ex McKinsey, hedge funds etc)

Feel a great fit - apply now

See video "Why to join Latoken"

Other Roles: React.js Developer, React.js Native Developer

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