Type : Full Time


Company Name : KuCoin

  • Administrative Affairs:

1, Maintain public relationships and deal with issues related to local governments.

2, Organize and maintain file system, and file correspondence and other records, and provide back-up support for all Property Management.

3, Taking care of daily visits.

4, Other duties and special projects as assigned.

Recruiting Responsibilities:

1, Oversees company recruiting programs and local government’s policies to develop and utilise various sources of potential applicants to fulfil staffing needs.

2, Implement strategic hiring procedures and improve upon recruitment measure.

3, Manage employee salary system and maintain employee relationship.

Financial Affairs:

1, Monitor financial details to ensure that legal requirements are met.

2, Managing company’s financial affairs.

Requirements and Qualifications:

1, Bachelor’s degree of Human Resources, Business Administrations or Financial related.

2, 2 to 5 years’ experience in financial management or human resources fields.

3, Singapore Citizen preferred, with integrity, enthusiasm and loyalty.

4, Excellent oral and written skill with both Chinese and English.

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