Type : Remote,Part Time

Company Name : Bitcoin PR Buzz

Skills : sales, customer service, digital marketing

Bitcoin PR Buzz is growing! Are you a competent networker, or an accomplished client manager? How about both? We’d love to chat to you!

Who are we?
Founded in 2012, Bitcoin PR Buzz was the first blockchain marketing agency to arise in the blockchain world (no, we’re not making that up, check out Bitcointalk if you haven’t heard of us!) Our mission is to bring the world’s most innovative companies to the forefront of media exposure. To date, we’ve helped over 800 clients distribute 1400+ press releases and raise over $1,000,000,000 in funding through social media, editorials, and other content.

Where are we headed?
2020 is THE year of change for us. We are getting more agile, we are pushing the boundaries of value addition using innovative tech like AI, honing our culture of excellence, and of course looking for more of the world’s most innovative projects to change the course of society for the better.

But we can’t do this alone! While we’re busy building tech, making partnerships with other agencies contacts and outlets, and putting the pedal to the metal to enhance customer experience, we need more talented, adaptable, customer service/salespeople who have a real care and ownership for client’s projects - We have a real family feel, and we have as much enthusiasm for our clients projects as they do - That’s our culture, both internal and external, and we want to convey that to our clients. That’s where you come in!

Who are you?
As an Account Manager, you are the spider in the web - the link between the customer and all of the internal elements of the business which go into deliverables. You have great organisation and communication skills which allow you to keep on top of client projects and other’s work of which you are responsible for delivering.

You realise that in such a small industry, networking is a cornerstone for success. You either have a network to bring, or you are in the process of building it through events, referrals, or a strong social media presence, and you keep up with your network on a regular basis to build and maintain rapport. You are motivated not just by money, but also by applying a consultative analytical approach to your client projects to add value through services, which synergises nicely with our mission to bring our clients to the forefront of media exposure!

Your attention to detail is key, and checking twice is second nature, especially when it comes to figures and details of placements, in your due diligence avoiding scam projects, and in proposal documents. Your negotiation is top notch, and you realise that give is as important as take when finalising contracts, especially to build long-lasting relationships!

What does a typical week look like for a Bitcoin PR Buzz Account Manager?
Reaching out to and providing a consultative sales approach to new leads for their project;
Creating detailed proposals using our handy templates and some research;
Overseeing the production (and quality) of PR/Article drafts delivered to client;
Processing payments, documents, and conducting due diligence on clients/projects;
Communicating with other team members to organise PR & Article spreadsheets, & updating internal documents detailing these;
Providing client support & updates relating to ongoing distributions & delivering distribution reports;
Keeping up to date with previous client’s news and “going sherlock” to see what they need to balance out their marketing efforts;
Attend 1 compulsory meeting per week (45 mins)

Compensation, Benefits, and Other
10% - 12.5% uncapped commission based on volume sold, on items which range from $1,500 to $25,000.
Work from home! All we ask is that you remain in contact during business hours, be there for your clients, and attend weekly meetings. The rest is up to you!
Be part of the direction of the business - Every employee’s idea is taken seriously and mroe often than not, discussed & implemented. It’s part of our agile culture!
Collaborative development & training - It’s our obligation to pass on experience that helped us get where we are - Life, business, and more. That way we empower you, and it empowers us to learn more about development.

Please reach out if you think you could be our next Sales superstar!

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