Company Name : Ethfinex

Skills : Knowledgeable and experienced with micro-service architecture.

Who we are

We’ve assembled a small, agile team, working in remote locations, at the beginning of a fast-moving, disruptive industry.

We are passionate about what we do. We’re optimistic about the future, and we are hard at work shaping it.

Ethfinex is an information & exchange platform for ERC20 tokens and Ethereum-based projects. Our mission is to create the home of digital token trading & discussion - the world’s most liquid digital asset exchange platform, owned & run by the people using it.

Our vision is to create a free and accessible global digital economy by disrupting the current financial services industry. Come join us, and lay the foundation for a decentralised future.

What we need

We’re currently looking for a Senior Front-end Developer to join our team. The position is remote and available to anyone self-driven, and with the experience and capacity to contribute to our vision.

For all our team members self-motivation is essential. No one on the team will micro-manage you. We are looking for team members who are comfortable using their initiative and seeing it through to completion. You will be part of a dynamic, fast paced team, and have the chance to shape the direction of Ethfinex as we grow.

As a Senior Front-end Developer, you will be a part of the team that works on the development of the Ethfinex web and mobile applications. This includes:

  • New Features - Ethfinex continuously strives to create innovative new features in order to provide the most professional trading experience for customers. These are developed and deployed using agile methodologies, to ensure the user experience remains the best in the industry.
  • Scalability - The web application must remain effortlessly smooth, responsive, and real-time for customers as the platform continues to scale to accommodate new user growth.
  • Data Visualisation - The data we present to our users is the result of tailored algorithms, on top of the incredible amount of data our platform produces daily, and we continue to experiment with new ways to display this most effectively.
  • Design - Build beautiful reactive applications and trading tools.

Who you are

To enjoy this role, you should possess the personal attributes and experience outlined above. On top of this, we expect you to be:

  • Knowledgeable and experienced with micro-service architecture.
  • Comfortable with high-availability concepts.
  • High proficiency in JavaScript and ES2015-2017.
  • Thoroughly experienced with React+, Flux, SASS, Redux, and the core principles surrounding these.
  • Familiar with modern front-end pipelines and tools.
  • Experienced with WebSockets, RESTful and RPC-based APIs.
  • Interested in bringing diverse, innovative applications to life.
  • Interested in modernizing and optimising different web applications.

Hiring process

Our hiring process reflects the fact that we are still a small and flexible team, and is tailored to match each individual application. However typically you can expect an initial phone call with members of our team to discuss your application and the roles available, followed by a specifically tailored test. This test will require 4-8 hours of your time, and is chosen depending on your experience and expertise to best give you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills.

Depending on the outcome of this first test our process then moves onto another series of interviews, and potentially additional tests. These will assess how well you fit into the company, as well as confirm a match with our team’s culture and vice versa.

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