Location : Remote Worldwide

Company Name : OTCBTC

  • Requirements:
  • Understand how to operate cloud server, AWS platform service, and DigitalOcean
  • Familiar or worked with automation tools such as Puppet, Chef, Ansible
  • Familiar with Shell Script?or has experience coding with backend languages such asRuby, Python
  • Familiar with Nginx, Apache, HAProxy settings
  • Familiar with adjusting functions in PostgreSQL or MySQL
  • Familiar with firewall and internet security settings
  • Experience with server monitoring systems: Nagios, Ganglia, Cacti
  • Familiar with Linux System and management tools
  • Possess exceptional team collaboration and communication skills
  • Able to troubleshoot system errors and support the team during urgent matters

Desired skills and experiences:

  • An expert in AWS EC2, VPC, RDS, IAM, ALB/ELB, and Auto Scaling
  • Experience working with Jenkins CI or similar tools
  • Experience developing and coding with Ruby on Rails
  • Experience using Docker
  • Experience managing servers in international locations
  • Highly focused in internet and server security

Understand the following terminology:

  • High Availability
  • Scalability
  • System monitor

Work environment:

  • We use Amazon Opswork to deploy our servers
  • Using Amazon’s ELB( Elastic Load Balancing)
  • Our webpage layers are developed with Ruby on Rails, which is deployed on a Nginx server
  • DB uses PostgreSQL
  • When a new token is listed, our server experiences high traffic
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