Federico Vigano'

  - Blockchain and ICOs marketing

About Me :

Experienced marketing manager with deep culture in digital marketing and conference lecturer. 

I have successfully created more than 100 marketing plans in companies between Switzerland, Italy and UK and in the last two years I have founded two new companies in blockchain technology filed and worked as marketing consultant for some of the most successful ICOs.

Simplify your blockchain business startup. I help you in early stage blockchain/decentralized projects rapidly building and fueling your marketing engines, while reducing the time and cost of achieving critical marketing objectives in blockchain world.

You get the benefit of a marketing executive to provide strategic leadership and execution guidance earlier in your growth trajectory.

Develop a new business or change your industry process using blockchain, adopting its secure and transparent system in which all transactions are published in a public database.

Associated ICOs :

ubiatarplay.io - Team member

GOToken - Team member

Xriba - Advisors

PlayTrip - Team member