Muhammad Younas

  - Blockchain enthusiast

About Me :

Experienced professional with over 5 years of experience in providing research and writing solutions to blockchain based businesses. Helped over 35 ICOs for different cryptocurrencies with my role starting from scratch to marketing end products. Excellent knowledge in blockchain technologies, Human and Computer interaction, Expert in research for machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) based technologies, proficient in GSM & Data services & Architecture. 

I help blockchain based businesses boost sales with stories… their stories, and the stories of their customers, and have actively interested in models for enhancing interactions between humans and machines. Currently working on various projects that are enabling distributed ledger or blockchain architectures.

With the client’s story, I create white papers to explain their products. Share their insights. Position them as industry experts. Telling their customer’s story, I create case studies. These amped-up testimonials are powerful credibility builders. They highlight a problem the reader may have, and lead them to a solution that’s been proven successful.

Associated ICOs :

Cryptobuyer - Advisors

OryxCash - Team member