Blockchain Engineer

- Full Time

Location : Remote Worldwide

Company Name : KuCoin

About :

Job DescriptionsQualifications

1.You will be engaged at research, development and structural design of Fin-Tech production base on blockchain technology.

2.In a role to participate and decision maker to all technical strategies and projects.

3. Responsible for public chain utility development and structural design base on block chain technology. To bring forth possibility of blockchain protocol, operational mechanism, encryption technology, consensus algorithm and underlying mechanism.

4. You will be part of the elite team that deals with the mind exploration of blockchain implementation and offer consecutive support to business development of the company.

1. Knowledgable and experience in any one of the fields of Golang?C++?Java?python

2. Knowledge in design and development of distributed software, micro-services architecture and container technology.

3. Knowledge of mainstream consensus algorithm including but not limited to PoW, PoS, DPoS, PBFT?Paxos and Raft etc.

4. Strong knowledge base of blockchain platform production, such as Bitcoin?Ethereum, with in depth understanding of the core elements of blockchain technology.

5. Strong team player, good communication and broad mind.

Company Market : Crypto Exchange