Business Development

- Full Time

Location : Tokyo 7 Shinagawa-ku Nishi Gotanda 7 - chome 20 - 9 KDX Nishi Gotanda Building 7 F

Company Name : Bitbank

About :

Job Description? Business Contents:-
- Structuring each business process 
- Requirement definition, design, operation, improvement of new projects 
- Internal and external negotiations (communication with overseas exchanges, customers, partner companies, etc.)


Strong interests / interests in virtual currency - 
Analysis, proposal and implementation after understanding business / business 
* Welcoming conditions 
- New business launch 
- Business development experience in the financial field - Business Level English or Chinese 
- Experienced business planning at a business company (welcomed for 2 to 3 years or more) 
- Work experience at both start-ups (including mega ventures) and large companies 

* People you want to figure out 
- accurately reading figures Those who can plan and implement plans to solve problems - Those who 
can act positively in unknown territory, technology 
- Who can design priorities of measures with leverage in mind 
- Discover daily tasks themselves Those who can take the initiative to plan and implement improvement measures 
- A person who can logically express his / her idea and can complete his / her job with responsibility 
- Can voluntarily promote itself to provide value to users Person

Employment type :-  Full-time employee

Location:-  Tokyo 7 Shinagawa-ku Nishi Gotanda 7 - chome 20 - 9 KDX Nishi Gotanda Building 7 F

Working hours:-  10: 00 ~ 19: 00 (including 1 hour break)

Consideringsalaryskills, experience, actual results, decide upon interview

Holiday / holiday:-  Fully weekly 2 day system (Saturdays and Sundays) 
Holiday / paid vacation, summer / year-end / year-end holiday, congratuation vacation etc. 
Annual number of holidays 120 days or more

Treatment · Benefits· Health Insurance · Employees 'Pension · Employment Insurance · Workers' Accident Insurance 
- Housing Assistance 
- Transportation Expenses 
- Lending of Dual Display Applicant 
- Visa Acquisition Support

Application methodPlease apply from the entry form. 
* Please submit your resume and curriculum vitae.