Software Engineer - Security


Company Name : Cobinhood

About :

Given breaches are the number one cause of death among digital currency companies, security is core to our mission and has been a key competitive differentiator for us as we scale. If you crave a real adversary but find yourself responding to generic phishing and yet another piece of adware…we should talk.


  • Build/deploy/maintain security controls, instrumentation, and detection infrastructure
  • Investigate security events, or better yet, automate the investigation and remediation of security events
  • Conduct in-depth research on attacker profiles and infrastructure to better predict and prevent future attacks


  • Significant experience in incident detection, incident response, and forensics
  • Proficient in a modern high-level language (Go preferred)
  • Strong understanding of GCP services and architectures
  • Experience mitigating DDoS attacks
  • Experience with executing incident response in virtual and containerized environments
  • Experience conducting research on threat actors and their methodologies
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Company Market : Crypto Exchange