5 Advantages of Using Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Bots
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5 Advantages of Using Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Bots

January 28, 2021      Guest Author


For a lot of traders and investors in the crypto market, manually trading digital currencies can become very hectic and tricky. The best solution to this problem is the use of automated platforms established for crypto trading. Not only does this make crypto trading a lot easier to manage, but also ensures great profits for its users.

Over the last few years, trading digital currencies and managing them has become a lot easier, thanks to the auto trading bots. These bots have enabled users to make incredible amounts of profits, making some of them even millionaires. Essentially, there is one more known method of trading in crypto – the manual method. The other one is known as the automated one.

Cryptocurrency trading bots, in simple terms, are software programs which utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) based on algorithms and machine learning in order to analyze the market conditions, and conduct automatic trade based on predefined set of instructions and codes, to maximize the benefit for the user.

Although these bots are intended for both expert and novice traders, generally the beginner ones tend to use it more frequently due to relatively lesser experience. Expert traders, on the other hand, generally are more experienced and tend to manage these digital assets themselves, manually. These bots are, however, claimed to be beneficial for both, the experts as well as the novice traders. 

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Automated Trading Platforms offer a lot of advantages to its users for managing the digital currencies. In this article, we have identified and presented a few of the most important advantages, which are as follows:

  1. These bots trade the whole day – All 24 Hours

No matter how experienced or expert a trader is. At the end of the day, they are human beings and require rest and sleep. A trading bot, however, is a machine, which can work throughout the day without any rest or pause, thus ensuring a non-stop observation of the market and simultaneous trading. 

While we rest, go out for amusement or even go on a vacation, these trading bots work seamlessly throughout the day for the whole week, also on the weekend, to ensure the utilization of the best opportunities.

  1. All Systematic & Based On Numbers

Emotions are an innate quality of human beings, which can at times be the cause of a mistake or a wrong decision. These wrong decisions can also be taken while trading due to the involvement of emotions and clouding of our judgement. This may cause losses in the trade. A common example of an emotion can be demonstrated by the possibility of getting frustrated or discouraged when an investor or trader is constantly suffering losses in the market. A bit, however, is free of such emotions and, thus, eliminates all the underlying shortcomings associated with emotions.

  1. Makes Entering the Market Convenient

Although the terms bitcoin and cryptocurrency sound interesting and may sound like easy money. However, similar to any other opportunity in life, it comes with its underlying challenges. A trading bot offers beginners in this market with assistance in fundamental steps and concepts of trading. Traders can learn and get familiar with the basics by watching the bot as well, analyzing every step it takes and how it responds to the changes in market stimuli by responding in a particular way.

  1. Bots are Speedier and Efficient

As compared to human beings, auto trading platforms are way more proficient, precise and quick. Even if you work at your top speeds, a machine is a machine, meaning you would not be able to beat its speed and consistency. This is due to the fact that robots are coded in a way that they compare and process values against a range of preset values, quickly generating results, way quicker than you would have done it manually.

  1. Your Time Will Be Saved

Trading is a very time consuming task and requires you to be attentive and glued to your seat and screens for a large proportion of your time. Amongst all the assets, time is the most valuable one, and everybody wants to save it. In the case of trading crypto online such as bitcoin, the most efficient way to do that is by opting for an automated crypto trading bot. You will be able to do other tasks as your time slots for conducting trade will be freed by the use of auto trading bots.


Although this article mentions the major 5 advantages of using an automated trading bot for managing your crypto, there are several more. However, if you do want to use one or not or even more than one is your own choice. However, if you take our advice, trading bots can be very beneficial, especially as they allow beginners to enter the market and save up a lot of your time, executing trade at a faster, more risk-free way. Although crypto trading might appear complex, auto trading sure makes it a lot easier, simpler and convenient. Time and money are the two most important resources for any person in the world, and as we look at it, automated crypto trading bots save you both!


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